I’m a recruiting enthusiast, organizational development devotee, pilot, and cancer survivor.

My name is Jim Jocek and it’s my mission to bring exceptional talent to my clients and provide superior service that far exceeds the industry standard.

After 20+ years in healthcare sales and management, I started the Amblewood Group to solve a fundamental problem most leaders face: How to find exceptional leadership that will take their company to the next level. I built this business to help clients break free from disappointing results, high turnover, and low ROI, helping them return to what they do best-innovate and lead!

My highly experienced team has in depth industry knowledge that’s reflected in a proven track record within biotechnology and medical device, this recruiting experience supports a wide range of healthcare companies globally.

I know exactly what it takes to transform the business of my clients through one of their most valuable assets… people!

An attendee of many industry conferences throughout the year, I’m always willing to share a cup of coffee, listen, and have a meaningful conversation about how to take your company to the next level.