Hiring the right person can mean the difference between success and failure. Experience and proficiency are critical, but the correct cultural fit is just as important in ensuring success.

Amblewood Group’s Performance Indicators have consistently shown that our proprietary search process delivers on these results which significantly impact a client's business. Our success is predicated upon the following criteria:

  • We limit the searches we execute and ensure that we have the capacity to deliver the results our clients expect.
  • We will only engage on a project that fits our model, expertise and where we have a strong confidence that we can successfully complete the project.
  • We take the time to learn the intricacies of our client’s business, culture, vision, and what is involved in becoming successful in the position.
  • We never post or advertise a client’s position. Our results show that the best talent is typically not looking at postings.
  • We spend considerable time with candidates to ensure that our clients only see the best of the best who are sincerely interested in our client’s role.
  • We strongly believe effective two-way communication throughout the lifecycle of the project is required for its success.
  • We only partner with clients that have a track record of what is required to attract and retain top talent.