The Importance of: Perspective

“They found us highly qualified candidates that fit culturally, and were promotable at least one level up.”

Joe Veltre, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, VertMarkets, Inc.

There's an ease and comfort in working with The Amblewood Group. I attribute it to a combination of their dedication to craft and their genuine desire to build relationships. This was something I experienced upon our first meeting.

The Amblewood Group reached out to me when I was restructuring Sales & Marketing for an established mid-cap medical device company. They dug deep with probing questions that uncovered what a top performer would look like, and what fits from a cultural perspective. They're a more professional and committed search practice than others I have worked with in the past, and only brought us candidates that truly fit, not kind of fit.

What sets them apart from other search firms is the amount of preparation they do upfront. They want to understand us as a business, and also as individuals, which reflected in the screening of the candidates. It's a filter unique to The Amblewood Group. They found us higher-caliber candidates that fit not only based on our desired qualifications, but who had a better chance of fitting in culturally, and were promotable at least one level up.

I also was a candidate of theirs when The Amblewood Group contacted me after I left my position about a confidential Senior Management opportunity with a privately held international medical company. I was quite impressed with how much time and energy they put into getting to know me, and how well they knew their client. It was such a contrast to my previous experience working with search firms.

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