The Importance of: Relationship

“Our hired candidates created an immediate and significant ROI for the company.”

Cliff Wright Executive Vice President, North America, Forus Health

It’s the experience that defines the Amblewood Group. I think it’s the ultimate praise when the Client becomes the Candidate. That’s my Amblewood Group story.

While CEO of US Operations for Centervue Inc., I reached out to the Amblewood Group to assist us in building out a national sales team. We needed candidates who could redefine the role and had a proven record of being able to produce significant results. The Amblewood Group collaborated with us to continuously evaluate our requirements so that ultimately, we could hire candidates that would help us to achieve our growth strategies.

Our hired candidates created an immediate and significant ROI for the company. That was the search that really solidified my relationship with The Amblewood Group.

A few years later, they called me as a potential candidate for a search. I was quite impressed with how much time and energy they put into getting to know me. It was just such a contrast to my previous experience working with search firms. The Amblewood Group guided me through every step of the interview process, and I ultimately accepted the position.

There's a difference between getting to know someone and what they do and just getting to know a client's search needs. The Amblewood Group believes that the right person in the right role is the difference between simply accomplishing objectives and exceeding them.

About the Company

Forus Health’s mission is to eradicate preventable blindness and make screening for common eye problems affordable and accessible. Forus, through its technology and business innovations, has been able touch the lives of over 2 million people across the globe and continues its large-scale impact on preventable blindness.